Establishing a Financial Navigator Program to assist cancer patients in optimizing their health insurance coverage and external Pharmaceutical co-pay/ financial assistance programs.

  • Co-pay assistance programs
  • Foundation assistance programs
  • Drug replacement
  • Governmental assistance programs
  • Insurance verifications and authorizations
  • Educating patients regarding insurance plans


Our Financial Navigators become an integral proactive member of the patient care coordination team

As a member of the patient care coordination team, our Financial Navigators gain an immediate knowledge of the patient treatment care plan and will immediately get to work filing the necessary financial assistance applications with the pharma companies, foundations, etc.

Our Financial Advocates will immediately go to work for each patient and find available financial aid resources.  We will take that “worry” from your patients so they can focus on the process of regaining good health.


Financial Navigator Provides:

  • Assistance in processing applications
  • Communication with Provider
  • Knowledge of the Pharmaceutical company programs benefit amounts, application requirements, etc.
  • Enrollment/Retro Enrollment
  • Opportunity to educate patients on healthcare plans

Optimize Health Coverage and Provide External Assistance

  • Decreases distress for patient and decreases patient out of pocket responsibilities
  • Improved patient care and provider collections

Why Now?

Increases in:

  • Cost of Rx
  • Use and length of Rx treatment
  • Cost sharing for patients
  • Opportunity to increase patient satisfaction

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