What is Financial Toxicity?  

A term used to describe problems a patient has related to the cost of medical care. Not having health insurance or having a lot of costs for medical care not covered by health insurance can cause financial problems and may lead to debt and bankruptcy. Financial toxicity can also affect a patient’s quality of life and access to medical care. 

What We Do

Carexst is aware that some patients may experience financial vulnerability during their treatment. Our navigators evaluate their level of exposure to the possibility of financial toxicity which can hinder patient’s treatment. This personalized approach to providing patients with knowledge and hopefully financial savings will add a level of comfort and improved health outcomes to an otherwise challenging moment.

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No patients should have to carry the financial burden that may accompany a cancer diagnosis by themselves. We inform and assist your patients regarding all possible payment resources to mitigate the cost of medicine.


Our Navigators collaborates with the physician team, pharmaceutical assistance programs, and the billing team to ensure financial assistance options are utilized and reimbursement is met.

Patient Satisfaction

Our program reduces financial burden leading to a better patient experience. This improves patient satisfaction of their financial interactions and overall quality of healthcare delivery.

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